Babs Bleeker


In her paintings, Babs Bleeker (1992, NL) follows her fascination for designs and aesthetics from the digital world. The original designs that inspire her recognisable visual language exist almost exclusively online, but by rendering them into analogous, hand painted, and intuitively created objects, Bleeker investigates the boundaries of both the digital and the real world. Preferring spray paint and other unorthodox materials over the original oil and brush, Bleeker's works have a contemporary edge both in technique and aesthetics.

Babs Bleeker (1992, NL) graduated from the HKU, Utrecht, in 2017. Afterwards, Bleeker was selected for Unfair 2018, and participated in a wide range of exhibitions, most notably at Unfair 2018, and solo exhibitions at Moira, Utrecht and Galerie Rianne Groen, Rotterdam.

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