Minimalism is a movement that intrigues me; the challenge is to create an image using the least amount of actions. Aspects that appeal to me especially are: color, light, rhythm, repetition, and dynamics. I am more and more able to incorporate these facets in my current work and they see to exciting compositions. The search for harmony within the aforementioned aspects makes me encounter new concepts while making it possible to let go of former ideas. These developments in my life as young artist go hand in hand with a love for experimenting with new techniques and materials.

Over the past years, I have been developing my style and discovering new forms to make artwork. The painting as well as the space in which it could be placed are the starting point for my work. Thereby, the artwork complements the space in which it hangs. This could be in combination with other pieces by my hand, or with objects already in the environment. The tension between a canvas and its surrounding is therefore inspiring to me and a continuing source of stimulus.

The continuing search for esthetics/perfection/form within my style is the driving force of my artistry while bringing renewal and challenges.

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