Kim van Erven


Kim van Erven makes sculptures that seem to be alive or to witness life which they are remains of. Her works have an almost industrial look, their softness is glossy and hard. Van Erven plays with our desires, pleases us with carefully chosen colors, gives us something we want to touch and become familiar with. But shown in an art space, the works do not comply with these basic needs.

Kim van Erven (1984, Nijmegen, NL) lives and works in Utrecht. She graduated from the Utrecht University for the Arts (HKU) in 2013, which earned her a nomination for both the HKU Award and the Stokroos Stipendium. In 2015 she obtained the Werkbijdrage Jong Talent from the Mondriaan Fund, and work by Van Ervan was shown at solo-exhibitions at Moira, Utrecht and Arti et Amicitiea, Amsterdam, in major group-exhibitions at the Gevangenis Wolvenplein, Casco (both Utrecht), and Garage, Rotterdam, and at the Prospects & Concepts section at Art Rotterdam, among others.

text: Radek Vana

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