Kristel Geerts


In her works, Kristel Geerts seeks to combine inner and outer worlds. While originally educated as a painter, she became fascinated by the transformative qualities of both typical and more peculiar sculptural materials, such as plaster, wax, paraffin, and crystals, among others. Geerts intuitively combines thoughts and ideas with the materials of her choice, balancing both her wall-pieces and sculptures in an interplay between the way the artist shapes them and how the transforming materials naturally shape themselves.

Kristel Geerts (1993, NL) lives and works in Voorschoten (NL). She graduated from AKI ArtEZ in Enschede in 2017, including an internship with David Bade and Tirzo Martha at IBB, Curacao. Geerts frequently exhibits her work since 2016, most prominently at Sign, Groningen, CBK Amsterdam, Garage Rotterdam and the Bcadamie.

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