Willem Holtrop


Willem Holtrop investigates the meaning of painting images within today's visual and increasingly digital culture. What images stand out in the visual flood and how do we perceive them? By combining seemingly random, unrelated images within the same frame, Holtrop is both concerned with how these images tell a story, how they are considered when placed outside their original context, or when information is withheld from the spectator. By cutting-out, zooming in, or by mixing contemporary (commercial) images with art historical symbols, Holtrop delivers compositions that possess an intriguing tension, challenging us to reconsider what we think we know.

Willem Holtrop (1990, NL) lives and works in Amsterdam (NL). Holtrop graduated with honours from the HKU Utrecht in 2014, and holds MA degrees in artistic research and painting from the HKU and the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, respectively. Besides painting, Holtrop was also active as curator and teacher.

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