Wouter Paijmans


Wouter Paijmans blurs the division between sculpture, painting and other disciplines. His love for material prevails and determines his artistic choices. The sculptures of crumpled metal sheets consist of the solidity of the used materials and of the visible results of the physical interaction with it, however they remain fully ungraspable. The juxtaposition of abused metal and the softness of the self-made clothes with their colorful patterns bears a potential story. This effect is highlighted by the installations that resemble a casual studio setting and strictly orchestrated window displays.

Wouter Paijmans (1991, Loon op Zand, NL) lives and works in Loon op Zand. In 2015 he graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where he also completed a residency at De Ateliers in 2018. Paijmans was awarded the Buning-Brongers Prize in 2018, while his work was also nominated for the Royal Prize for Modern Painting that year.

text: Radek Vana

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