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Yellow component

The work of Nazif Lopulissa researches structures of shapes of objects and places of daily life. By working recognizable shapes into colorful compositions in different materials and techniques, his works always balance between playful freedom and the way in which shapes, symbols and materials gain meaning. Lopulissa's work is both in execution and material playful in nature and refers to the time in which the weight of adulthood did not restrict yet.

  • Material: Acrylic paint on linnen
  • Size: 140 x 120 cm
  • Year: 2018
  • Artist factor: 8
€ -

How Art Works

The art world, with its vast array of possibilities, can feel overwhelming in the beginning. You can fill libraries with books written about what art is, how the art world works and where to buy ‘good’ art. But we believe that the beginning is pretty simple: Art is fun, let’s show it off. And if you love it, why not buy it?

We’ve come up with a few simple steps, that will clarify some of the basics to help you on your way.

How to choose

Art is not democratic, some is just better than others. But apart from that, we think that all that matters is that you like the work. If a painting makes you feel all kinds of

warm-and-fuzzies, that is a good painting to you whether or not the books agree. At Show Off you will find artists that probably haven’t made it into the books yet, we want to introduce you to new artists that excite us. We do handle the criteria that they must all have won a prize of some sort. By this method we can insure you that we offer a certain level of quality. That way, you don’t have to worry about securing quality and you can focus on finding something that you love in our selection.


How art is priced can also seem like a mystery at first. We like to keep this transparent, so here is how it works: All the artists work with a ‘factor’. The price is based on the size of the work (height + width) multiplied by the factor. For example, if a painting is 50cm by 100cm and the factor of this artist is 10, that makes the price of the work (50 + 100) x 10 = €1.500,-

When the artist takes a step forward in their career, the factor grows a step as well. Such a step can be that they won a prestigious price, that they were bought by an important collection or that they had a successful exhibition that gained them attention. That is why the price of a work can go up all of a sudden. It’s really fun to keep an eye on the prices and estimate the factor now you know the system, it will tell you something about the career of the artist. To give you more insight in this system, we mention the factor used for each of the artists in our exhibitions and on our website. Transparent prices will help you concentrate on the fun!

Artist reward

What part of the price goes to the artist? In general, we will split the total amount 50/50. This seems much, but keep in mind that the gallery will pay for all the costs. So material, exhibition space, communications, staffing, gallery-fees and everything else will all be paid out of our share. The other half is fully for the artist. We want to help them grow, so part of that is to pay them fairly for their works.

Buying art

If you decide to buy a work online or in our gallery you can expect a pretty simple process. Usually the work will be part of the exhibition, so it is custom to keep the work there until the show is over. We will list the work as sold and ask you for your address and billing info. We will use this to make an invoice for the work. After the show is finished, we will make sure that the art is packaged neatly and ready for transport. After you’ve paid the invoice, we will make an appointment to deliver it.


We can bring the artwork to your home, office or cabin in the woods. Wherever you want to keep it. Depending on the distance from the gallery, we can offer you transport. Because we are a starting gallery and work with new artists, we don’t have the means to offer this for destinations outside of the Rotterdam-area.

Installing the work

You will have to provide the materials to install the work yourself (mainly, because every wall is different), unless it is a very exceptional object that needs unusual contraptions to keep it in place. In that case we will provide you the needed materials. And of course, we are always happy to help you install it.

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