Show Off has closed its doors

Naamloos 2

Since its inception in 2018, we at Show Off worked intensively to stimulate, promote and support young artists, and to bring the excitement of discovering talented artists to you. During our modest life span, however, we have also witnessed up close the struggle of supporting and presenting artists. We have learned that the fun, energy and achievements do not outweigh the means necessary to continue Show Off in its current form. Therefore, we regret to inform you that Show Off, as a gallery, will close its doors when our current exhibition ends on Saturday, June 29th.

We have made four wonderful exhibitions with 13 upcoming artists, and look back at two great and fruitful presentations at Art Rotterdam. Proud of what we have achieved for and with our artists thus far, this could not have been realized without your support. We want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support, and have enjoyed your visits to the gallery, and for the conversations and excitement for art we have shared. And, foremost, we want to say thank you to the artists we’ve had the honour to present. Without them, we would not have been there in the first place.

Thank you all very much!

With love,


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